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Maintenance Information

Current Vacancies
Greenville, IL [Apartment]

Highland, IL [Apartment]

Destin, FL [Vacation Condo]

Orange Beach, AL [Vacation Conco]

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Maintenance Information

Our property management services consists of many sectors of the maintenance, repair and operations industry such as maintaining building finishing, roofing, flooring, renovation/refurbishment, and snow removal.

Paris Properties LLC typically offers 1 year lease on all their properties, shorter lease terms of 6 months or month to month basis will be considered on each individual application or need. Shorter term leases will include an additional monthly fee of $50.

Property tours will be given during office hours unless other arrangements have been made. All tours MUST be scheduled ahead of time. Please contact Paris Properties LLC to schedule an appointment at their regional office at 1-800-966-2379 during office hours M-F 8:00am-5:00pm.

Vacation Condo

Destin, FL

Our Properties:

Paris Properties LLC owns and maintains multi-family real estate within the local Metro-East and short-term vacation rental properties. Our apartments are located within quiet safe communities, and our vacation condo is located along the emerald gulf coast. Paris Properties LLC keeps our tenants satisfied by our dedicated team experience and we take pride in keeping our properties, updated, clean, organized, so that our residents are satisfied with the greatest value, the finest service, that Paris Properties LLC will be able to provide our customers. Please give us a call today at (618)-654-4771 or email us at if you are interested in one of our apartments/homes/condo rentals or commercial and residential properties for sale.

For Rent - Greenville, IL Apartments
Current Vacancy: 1
Greenville, IL [Apartments]

For Rent - Orange Beach, AL Vacation Condo
Current Vacancy: 1
Orange Beach, AL [Vacation Condo]

For Rent - Destin, FL Vacation Condo
Current Vacancy: 1
Destin, FL [Vacation Condo]

For Rent - Highland, IL Apartments
Current Vacancy: 1
Highland, IL [Apartments]

For Rent - Greenville, IL House
Current Vacancy: 1
Greenville, IL [House]

For Rent - Greenville, IL Commercial Lot
Current Vacancy: 1
Greenville, IL [Commercial Lot]

For Sale - Highland, IL Wooded Residential Lot
Home Lot - For Sale
Highland, IL [Wooded Residential Lot]

For Sale - Greenville, IL House
House - For Sale
Greenville, IL [House]

SOLD - Highland, IL Custom Built House
SOLD: Custom Built House
Highland, IL [House]

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Highland, IL 62249

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